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Twenty-four hours after the birth of a newborn child, many states mandate that the hospital prick the heel of the baby for a blood sample.  Why?  They seek to obtain four drops of blood unto a thin piece of blotter paper.  The sample is sent to a state laboratory for screening of certain diseases.  This test appears to be well-intended.  Let's look at some of the realities.

Consider the following issues:

1.  Many states store the DNA for long term use.  The state claims to remove the name of your child from the sample.  Many times, governments claim to do things they cannot do in a consistent manner.  They also fail to follow their own rules and regulations.  Anyone who has experience in working within government, or any government funded project, knows the internal craziness that is the norm.

2.  Because of the faltering economy, cost-cutting is in place.  This may have several unintended and unpredictable consequences.  Quality typically suffers.  The lag time from the moment the test sample is taken to the results may lengthen as budgets suffer.

3.  DNA information is not something that government seeks to throw away.  As this is written, there's a federal push to collect DNA samples from anyone who has been arrested.  Any DNA banked may be subpoenaed. 

4.  Organ donation may shift from a personal election to a mandatory option.  At the moment, you must choose to donate organs.  The default may change to donating organs unless you go out of your way to say no.  This shift represents a loss of choice to some individuals who prefer that persons should "opt in" rather than "opt out."

5.  State laboratory results takes up to a week or more.  The State will not notify your doctor unless there's a positive test result for the screening.  Although the number of screening for the newborns has increased, there are private laboratories that do a better job.  You deserve notice one way or another.  A private laboratory may provide you notice of a positive or negative result of the screening, within seventy-two hours.

6.  Private laboratories are able to screen for more diseases and provide a quicker turnaround.  If there are any presenting medical issues, seventy-two hours is a much better turnaround time than a week.

7.  Insurance companies enjoy a strong and cozy relationship with government at all levels.  It is possible that at some future time, those who hold the DNA sample may share them with insurance companies.  Anything is possible.  Greed is a powerful motivator.

8.  State laboratories usually contact your Pediatrician.  Private laboratories will contact the pediatrician and you (upon request).  Private laboratories provide you control over the sample, its handling, and control over notification of the results.

9.  Most states "mandate" the test.  If you refuse, the hospital will seek you to sign a release.  The release may warn you about not conducting the test.  The release may also say something such as, "I know that there are risks with refusing this test, which may result in permanent damage, or death."  Consider writing on the form, "I am not refusing the test.  I prefer to test with a private lab for faster and more accurate results than what is offered by the State of ______."

10.  Let's consider what may happen twenty years from now.  If your grown child is involved in a situation where self-defense is required, do you want his DNA to be spread far and wide at the scene?  Without making judgment calls, your child should always be afforded the best legal defense.  Logging your child's DNA may not be in his or her best interests.

11.  If your child becomes politically active, DNA may be an issue.  It was a DNA stain that cornered Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Many parents would like their child to become President one day.  If he does become President, would you like a dangling source of DNA at the disposal of an underfunded state mandate?  The possibilities are endless.  What if your child is a witness to a crime committed by a Very Important Person?  Twenty years from now, your child's DNA may be used against him in ways that is impossible to consider at this time.  Play it safe and keep all DNA samples under your control.

At BLUE DELTA, we seek to protect your family's privacy and security.  You are our first priority.  In a world filled with greed, violence, thievery, jealousy and trouble, why make your child vulnerable to others?  Don't trust anyone unless you have a reason to trust them.  And sometimes, don't even trust yourself.


Don't refuse the test!  The answer is to give notice to the hospital that you're not refusing the test at all.  In fact, you prefer to pay for a private lab to run more screenings than what the state test requires.  On the release form the hospital asks you to sign, write the following:

"I am not refusing to screen my baby.  I paid Lab X (Name of Laboratory) to perform a private screening test for my baby.  The turnaround time is faster and they test for more diseases.  This is not a refusal."

Simply, send your test sample to a private laboratory.  24 hours after the birth of the newborn, ask your pediatrician to perform the heel prick procedure.  The Pediatrician or nurse will prick the heel of the baby and place several drops of blood on the test paper.  The test sample is then sent off to the lab via UPS.  Within a couple of days, you receive the lab sample.  Your pediatrician receives the results as soon as possible.  But you also may elect to receive a copy of the results.

One such provider is PerkinElmer Genetics, Inc. They don't seek to replace the state mandated test.  Rather, they seek to supplement the test itself. 

Contact them at the following address:

PerkinElmer Genetics
90 Emerson Lane
Bridgeville, PA 15017
Phone: 412-220-2300
Toll Free: 866-463-6436
Fax: 412-220-0784

If anyone demands that the state screening is done on your child, consider a private laboratory and a higher quality of care.  You have a right to choose a private laboratory over the public option. 

BLUE DELTA INVESTIGATIONS, LLC is not a licensed healthcare provider.  As a private investigation agency, we simply recommend that you think twice before sharing your child's DNA sample with public depositories and public laboratories.  Always consider what they future may hold.  And sometimes, consider what you hadn't considered possible.








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